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From the bedroom window

Hi all,

Busy times at work and I havn’t really found the time to write longer posts, so for this week, I’ll stick to another quicky.

Canon 7D, Canon 70-200 f/2.8 L IS USM @ 200 mm, 1/800, f/4, ISO 200

The message that goes with this shot is the following: keep your camera ready at all times and when you have the opportunity to take a shot, do it there and then! Let me explain, this shot was taken from our bedroom window. I woke up from the chitter chatter of the birds, took a quick look and saw them all flying off. Expecting them to come back though, I took my camera out and waited, … after a few minutes, I was able to take this shot. Now, I was hoping for a male variable sunbird to pass by, yet till today, they have not revisited this particular bush, or at least not when I’m around. Thinking they would keep on coming back, it would’ve been easy to stay in bed, thinking ‘it’s just outside our window, they’ll be back’, in which case I would’ve missed this golden opportunity.

Until next time, all the best,