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Monitor calibration

As part of my ‘let’s focus on what matters’, I finally decided to calibrate my monitor, and my goodness, was I impressed as per the ugly blueish hue my non calibrated monitor had.

I chose a simple Spyder 4 Express, to which the working instructions are clear:

  1. be sure there is no direct light shining on your display;
  2. wait for at least 30 minutes after turning on your monitor before you start the calibration;
  3. install the software (Spyder4Express 4.5.6 Macintosh) which is included in the package you buy;
  4. plug the Spyder4 into a USB port and hang it over your display, assuring it sits flat on your screen;
  5. and let the gadget do it’s work.

A few minutes later you’ll be watching your calibrated monitor, it doesn’t get much easier than this.

Flower, Godavari, Nepal

I remember reading once that getting into post processing doesn’t make much sense if you’re doing all your work on a non-calibrated monitor and I can assure you that I’m no longer going to doubt that statement. So, to cut my sermon short, instead of investing in that next camera or that other lens, do yourself a favor and get your monitor calibrated.

Warm regards,