Pics from the Wild will take you on a photographic journey, by sharing images and experiences about worldly places, genuine people and nature’s beauty. Photographically speaking, the focus of Pics from the Wild is on World, Nature & Wildlife Photography.

GuyGuy Dekelver, your host (that’s me) always had a huge interest in nature and the non human creatures it sustains. His work brought him close to the animals he knew since he was a small child (from books and documentaries, in which he named the animals before he could properly read or write). Capturing those animals and their surroundings in pictures, in an attempt to share these wonders of nature with others, has always been one of his passions. Through Pics from the Wild, you will be kept posted as per where his photographic journey is taking him.

In case you like what you see and you want to obtain original images or a print or you want us to create some shots for you, please fill this contact form or send me a message.

Hoping you enjoy the ride as much as I do, I send you my kindest regards,