Black & White

Dear all,

Canon 350D, Canon 75-300 f/4-5.6 @ 300mm, 1/500, f/10, ISO 200

Personally, after buffaloes, I find zebra’s the second most difficult species of which to get an original shot. Yet here again, I tend to feel the KISS moto holds up: Keep It Simple Stupid, so why not go for a straightforward tightly cropped portrait? Sometimes I have the feeling people (including myself), get lost on getting that mind blowing special award winning effect and forget about the straightforward, yet solid images out there.

This was originally a color shot, yet a B&W conversion made the black rim around the ears pop nicely, so that’s what I went for. Dodged and blurred the background, then burned the nose slightly in post processing, and all ready.

Have a great week and try to keep it simple,