What moves you?

Dear all,

Last week, I posted about the power of sharing your work and about magazines and sites where you can get information or browse through interesting work by others.

What I just found out to be a great way of actually finding out what moves you photographically, is browsing through portfolios on 500px or in the brand new yet superb Wild Eye gallery and to add pictures that really move you to your favorites. And now it comes: your favorites end up together in one folder so that by taking a look at that folder, you will find out straight away what kind of pictures move you: thight shots, wide shots, saturated shots, close-ups, B&W shots, …

You can then use this infromation in at least 2 ways. You might actually find out that you are stuck in a rut, since you are always shooting what actually moves you, in which case it could be a great exercise to get out of your comfort zone, to go out there and do the opposite. Or as in my case you can actually find out that the type of picture you like is actually quite absent in your own portoflio. My favorites have a high amount of animal silhouettes against a rising or setting sun, while I actually have very few or none of those, giving me a great assignment, since I’ll be going out to look for them.

Talking about favorites, check out this one from Sietske, she hasn’t been writing till now, nevertheless, I decided to start posting some of her work, this one is from a fantastic sighting in Nairobi National Parc earlier this year. Myself, I had a lot of similar pictures, yet none could beat this one, enjoy!

Canon 450D, Canon 300mm f/4 L IS USM, 1/125, f/11, ISO 200

That’s it for now. With one last request, there’s a few questions on the Pics from the Wild facebook page I would love to get your view on. Check them out here, looking forward to hear from you.

Warm regards,