A time to thank

Dear all,

First of all,I would like to thank Gerry van der Walt from Wild Eye for the very nice guest post he did, sharing his photographic journey and highlighting the importance to interact with other photographers online and in real life. Please also check out this post on the Wild Eye site, which I see as a nice follow up to the post done on Pics from the Wild (and that storm picture, what a stunner!). More to come from the Wild Eye people in the future!

Secondly, you may have noticed the Pics from the Wild logo popping up on Twitter and the facebook page. I still have to intgrate it here, yet I want to thank Mark Timmermans, a great friend of mine and a graphic designer with a passion for photography. Check out his site here, some great stuff to be found there (and somewhere in the near future, Mark will do a guest blog, looking forward to that one already).

Last but not least, I would like to thank those of you who shared some nice words or liked the facebook page (29 people whom I knew before or whom I’m getting to know now), it’s a nice boost to keep on doing this, thanks and please feel free to keep on sharing with others who might be interested. Not that this recognition is needed, yet it does help. This being said, I started asking myself what drives me then to do this, there is of course the element of sharing with others, sharing the beauty of nature, yet as I went along, another reason also came up: inspiration! By writing these blogs, by going through my old pictures (so much to learn from them, a fresh look on older work) and by exchanging/interacting with others (in the context of working on the Pics from the Wild logo f.e.), I have to push myself and I get inspired: things I want to tell jump to my mind, and so do pictures I want to go and get.

Canon 350D, Canon 75-300 @ 190mm, 1/500, f/9, ISO 200

Talking about pictures I want to go and get, I’ve raised some questions related to this on the facebook page, I would love to hear from you, so if you have 5 minutes to spare, please be my guest? And finally, please do take a look at my pictures on 500px, I will regularly add some pictures there as well, including some non wildlife work. I will keep you posted through twitter and facebook, please take a look and like the pics (that is, only if you really do like them)

Never give up,